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Swampy Jo
Novel & Illustrations by Jennifer Rouse Barbeau
Published in 2010 by Scrivener Press

Can you grow up sane if the adults in your life are CRAZY?
Sarah Jo (nicknamed Swampy Jo for her poor hygiene) is disappearing. Her obsession with diet and exercise is slowly erasing her. Can she solve the puzzle of dirty secrets that have led to her parents' divorce, her mother's nervous breakdown, and her aunt's obsession with cleaning, in time to save the life of her crush?
'Swampy Jo' is a heroic tale with roots to real-life graffiti on the rocks and walls of an inner-city park in the author's hometown.
Anorexia, suicide, palm reading and young love collide in this wry coming-of-age story of a girl who fears she's invisible.

ISBN 978-1-896350-40-0
Published August 2010 by
Scrivener Press

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